WEATHER в Крестах Таймырских
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Weather station location Кресты Таймырские (Krasnoyarsk territory, Russia): latitude 70.86 longitude 89.90 Height above sea level 27 m.
The archive shows weather in в Крестах Таймырских for the last week. For the whole month and for the previous months, starting from January 2011, you can obtain archived data by selecting the date range of interest from the drop-down list and clicking the "Find!".
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Column explanations:
  • Wind - indicated wind speed in m/s - average for 10 minutes, gusts in time and between periods (in brackets) and the direction from which the wind blows: N - North, NE - North-East, E - East, SE - South-East , S - South, SW - South-West, W - West, NW - North-West.
  • Visibility - horizontal visibility range in meters or kilometers. When visibility is from 1 to 10 km in the absence of precipitation, haze is usually observed, and when visibility is reduced to 1 km or less, fog is observed. In dry weather, visibility may be reduced by smoke, dust, or haze.
  • Phenomena - atmospheric phenomena observed during the period or in the last hour before the period are indicated; curly brackets indicate phenomena observed between periods (1-3 hours before the period); square brackets indicate hail or ice deposits with their diameter in mm.
  • Clouds - are through slash total and lower clouds in points, and the height of the lower border of the cloud in meters; square brackets contain cloud forms: Ci - Cirrus, Cs - Cirrostratus, Cc - Cirrocumulus, Ac - Altocumulus, As - Altostratus, Sc - Stratocumulus, Ns - Nimbostratus, Cu - Cumulus, Cb - Cumulonimbus. For more information about cloud classification, see the cloud Atlas (PDF).
  • T - Air temperature - temperature measured at a height of 2 m above the ground.
  • Td - Dew point temperature - the temperature is lowered to that contained in the air, the water vapor reaches saturation.
  • f - Relative humidity measured at a height of 2 m above the ground.
  • Te - Effective temperature is the temperature that a seasonally dressed person feels in the shade. Characteristic of stuffy weather. The calculation takes into account the influence of air humidity and wind speed on a person’s heat.
  • Tes - Effective sun temperature - the temperature that a person feels, adjusted for solar heating. Characteristics of the sultry weather. Depends on the height of the sun above the horizon, cloud cover and wind speed. At night, in cloudy weather, as well as in winds of 12 m/s or more, the correction is zero.
  • P - Atmospheric pressure - atmospheric pressure reduced to sea level.
  • Po - Atmospheric pressure - atmospheric pressure measured at the station level.
  • Tmin - Minimum temperature - minimum air temperature at a height of 2 m above the ground.
  • Tmax - Maximum temperature - maximum air temperature at a height of 2 m above the ground.
  • R - Precipitation - The amount of precipitation over a period of time, mm. When you hover over the number, the time period for which the specified amount of precipitation has fallen.
  • R24 - Количество осадков - The amount of precipitation in 24 hours, mm.
  • S - Snow cover - The height of the snow cover. When you hover the mouse over the number - the state of the snow cover and the degree of coverage in points.