Current weather в Париже

(for the time 07 UT 30 ноября)
Current weather conditions в Париже (France):
Air temperature  +1.3°C
Dew point  -1.3°C
Effective temperature  +1°C
Effective sun temperature  +1°C
Wind direction  южный
Wind speed  1 m/s
Relative humidity  83%
Clouds  не определена
Atmospheric phenomenon  
Visibility  8000 m
Atmospheric pressure at station level  1018.9 гПа
Atmospheric pressure at sea level  1028.8 гПа
  • Attention! The time in the title is UTC. To get the local time, you must add delta that в Париже equals 1 h. Current weather data received from the weather station в Париже (France).
  • location of the weather station:
    latitude 48.82longitude2.33altitude77 m.< / li>
  • Effective temperature - the temperature felt by a seasonally dressed person in the shade. The calculation takes into account the influence of humidity, wind speed and atmospheric pressure on the human heat perception.
  • Effective sun temperature - the temperature that a person feels, adjusted for solar radiation. Depends on the height of the sun above the horizon. At night and in cloudy weather, the correction is zero.
  • A symbolic image of an atmospheric phenomenon is shown In the upper left corner.
  • in the upper right corner you can see the comfort of the weather during the observation period.